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Monday, August 3, 2009

Alycia My Best Assistant

I rely on Alycia a lot to help me babysit Baby... coz when Baby has her jie jie inside the playpen with her, she will kuai kuai play with her toys or just let jie jie hug her, kiss her and do silly things with her. This gives me a peace of mind whilst I have my shower or dinner.

Lately, Alycia has volunteered to clear up and wipe the dining table before dinner. It's been almost a week now and she's still loving it. See how earnest Alycia is here and she's quite thorough too, wiping every part of the dining table and rinsing the table cloth several times... though the cloth was a tad too wet and there was water dripping from the floor of the kitchen to the dining area. Yesterday, Sherilyn followed suit and helped to wipe the table but after wiping the table with a wet cloth, this fler used her pants to wipe the table dry by sitting on the dining table and moving her butt on the table muahahahah!

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