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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Binge Eating Weekend

It's going to be a binge eating weekend for me. My parents from Ipoh will be arriving soon, my brother and sil from Singapore will be arriving soon too. My parents have bought all our favorite Ipoh hawkers' food and we will be having those for lunch. My mil is now making kau cee (dumplings)again and she has also made a pot of red bean-mung bean tong sui. Thinking of all those yummy food is making my tummy rumble.... haha, see this fei por, thinking about food all the time! Tonight, we will be having a sumptuous dinner at a Chinese restaurant to celebrate my dad's birthday in advance. Then there will be a cake-cutting and candle-blowing session. Tomorrow there's another round of eating. Oh boy, I can't even sleep a little longer on Sunday coz I have to wake up early to jog those extra calories away!

How's your weenkend going? If you're going to binge eat too, remember to EXERCISE too hehe!
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