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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Bye-Bye Porridge

For the past one week or so, it's been a torture for Baby each time she's fed with porridge. Though there's a little Bragg's Amino Acid (a sauce that's similar to soy sauce) added to her porridge, she's still not very much interested in her porridge. She has also lost interest in hard boiled eggs or fried eggs, something which she used to like. Several days ago, my mil made some tomato omelette and I gave some to Baby. Gee, she loved it and my oh my was I glad!! I am always glad when Baby loves her food coz I am still a tad obsessed with her weight. The following day, I cooked tomato omelette for her again and she ate it with much enthusiasm too. Yesterday and today, I made her scrambled eggs (with fresh milk and butter) and she loves it too. Yesterday, she even ate the fried vermicelli that my mil cooked.... which I'd rinsed with some hot water to get rid of the excess oil, soy sauce and black sauce. I think I can say bye bye to cooking porridge for Baby and start her on adult food.

The tomato omelette that Baby loves.

On another note, I had some visitors to my home today. Stay tuned to find out who came!
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