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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dad's Birthday Celebration

We celebrated my dad's birthday in advance at Chong Fatt Chinese Restaurant @ Kuchai Lama last Saturday. Here're what we had:

Cold-Hot Combination Dish

This expensive dish is my all-time favorite Chinese Restaurant dish. Whatever combination goes on the plate, I will surely wallop everything and by the time the next few dishes come, I'll be too stuffed.

Braised fish maw with brocolli and fake abalone

This is another dish that I love as I love fish maw and brocolli.

Steamed prawns in Chinese wine, ginger and wolfberries. Steamed prawns go really well when dipped in chilli sauce.

Steamed hoi pan fish

Everyone commented that the fish meat was a tad tough, so tough that my jaw hurt!

Suckling pig

Sharks' fins soup

I find this soup too starchy and only ate 2 spoonfuls. I don't really fancy eating sharks' fins soup anyway.

Fried rice

Only had a spoonful to try the taste as I eat no rice, especially at night. I try to limit my carbo intake to the minimum in the evening. The fried rice was very tasty and tasted like there were loads of MSG in it!

There was also a fruit platter at the end of the dinner and this set menu cost RM600+.

We got dad a chocolate mudcake from Secret Recipe. I find the cake too creamy and sweet for my liking. The cream was more than the sponge cake, thus made everyone felt really jai after digging in the cake. For those of you who have FB me, you can check out the cake-cutting pic in Facebook.
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