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Friday, August 7, 2009


This is yet another post on my maid. Please don't judge me by passing unkind remarks/comments coz you have not seen what kind of person my maid is and what horrid things she can do and had done to us, especially to my kids. If you do not like to read stories about my maid, you can stop reading now.

Remember my earlier post ranting about the hubs and I facing some problems with our maid agent as the agent's former hubby screwed up our maid's application, lost her passport and did not do a host of other things? Well, I think the agent managed to fix the problem. I also mentioned that for the sake of money, we will just bear with our maid and perhaps renew her contract for another year? Well, everyone in the family have had enough of my maid's nonsense and eccentricity. She is just too stubborn and doesn't want to turn over a new leaf, despite umpteen warnings to her.

This morning just as I was entering the house after my morning jogging session, Sher kept calling me and in her birthday suit, ran out of the bathroom to greet me. The maid ran towards Sher and just when she thought I wasn't looking, she pulled a handful of Sher's hair towards her very roughly, as if she were pulling the wings of a chicken that is running.... and with an evil look on her face (which really sent goosebumps all over my body).... to prevent Sher from running and this made Sher cry out in pain. When I saw that shocking act, I yelled at my maid and guess what? This idiot vehemently and persistently denied pulling Sher's hair! How dare she deny it when I saw it with my own eyes. Our maid has a very terrible and irritating habit of denying all her wrong doings even if we saw her doing them right in front of us. The commotion woke the hubs up from his sleep. He was enraged. He told our maid to get out of the house but I stopped him as there is currently a bunch of Indon workers painting the buidling at our condo. This will only give her the opportunity to elope with one of them. He gave the maid a very good lecture and our maid still mati-mati denied pulling Sher's hair!

Yesterday, the maid almost broke my mil's blood vessel. She has a habit of saying "yah, yah, yah" to all our instructions and most times, doesn't even bother to answer us.... which really infuriates me talking to someone who doesn't respond. After my mil had given her very specific instructions not to wash the peanuts in cold water but to soak them in hot water, to which the maid said "yah, yah, yah", she turned back and washed the peanuts in cold water!

Yesterday, the maid gave me a scare and of course sent my temper hitting the roof when she yanked Baby's bib off her neck causing part of the back of Baby's neck to bleed. The skin at the back of Baby's neck got pinched by the fastener of the hard plastic bib (and the skin came off), and poor Baby wailed out in pain. Until today, Baby is still having phobia of wearing her bib.

We have all had enough of this crazy maid's wierd behaviour and stubborness. I can no longer stand hearing her yell and scold my kids the whole day long as if she were their evil stepmum. I have told her many, many times that if she continues to scold and hit them, the gals will only hate her more but she has turned a deaf ear on my advise. Now we all know why her previous employer's mil hit her. I was on the verge of pulling her hair this morning. We will be sourcing for a replacement though it would mean digging deeper into our pockets.
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