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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Goodies From My Cousin

My cousin Su Zan (who was my bridesmaid) came to visit me last week. I've not seen her for a very long time and we finally reunited in Facebook several months ago. This generous cousin of mine brought along so many gifts and goodies when she visited:

She got me my favorite super soft Japanese cheesecake from Bangsar Village...

A fresh-from-the-oven banana cake also from Bangsar Village...

She knew I love multi-grain bread and she got me a loaf, also from BV.....

... beautiful cupcakes from Bijoux, a newly opened bakery in Bangsar Village....

... a sweet frock for Baby C and Princess stationery sets for Aly and Sher. Baby kept running and climbing and this is the best shot I could snap, with her in the new frock, with part her head cropped.

Thanks cuz Su Zan for all the gifts. It was really good meeting you, your baby Alicia and to catch up. The next time we meet, no need to bring so much goodies k? I'll get you the UCC coffee k?
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