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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Homemade Sushi For The Kids

My 2 gals often pester the hubs and their mah mah to bring them to the Japanese restaurant located at our condo for a treat of sushi, California roll or fried udon. So last week, my mil made some sushi and California rolls for them and they were really yummy. My mil even went all out to make her own 'char siew' for the sushi!

Needless to say, Alycia and Sherilyn loved the sushi and California rolls. Even Sherilyn who dislikes rice whacked the sushis in a jiffy!

The homemade char siew that my mil made - very yummy!

First, place the sheet of seaweed on the Japanese bamboo mat. Then lay the cooked Japanese rice, char siew, cucumber and fried egg on the bamboo mat. Also squeeze in some Japanese mayonaise. Actually, you can create your own sushi and whack in anything that your kids love. You can also hide some of the food that your kids dislike inside the sushi. My mil did just that the following day after the success of this batch of sushi.... she put steamed pumpkin (which my kids hate) and my gals whacked the sushi without any complaint!

To make the seaweed crispy, you can heat it up on your gas stove for a short while.... but be careful not to burn the thin seaweed.

My mil rolling up the sushi with the bamboo sheet bought from 100 Yen shop....

Bite-size sushi with homemade char siew, cucumbers, fried egg for my fussy and picky eater, Sherilyn....
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