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Monday, August 17, 2009

I had Visitors

I had some visitors at my place on Saturday. This Miss Congeniality who is ever so hark hei, so nice and such a good buddy, who despite feeling weak from taking her meds, came to visit me and brought along gifts for my gals.

Barb with Baby, the ever cheeky and sociable Ashley and Sherilyn.

As expected, Ashley and Sherilyn, the 2 Social Butterflies hit it off instantly and were playing with each other like long-time buddies while Barb and I yakked and yakked. Baby who initially cried when she saw Barb, got along really well with Barb after she had warmed up to that warm lady, kept tugging at Barb and allowed Barb to carry her.

While we were all busy yakking and the kids playing, Baby was busy looking at the cheese cake, hoping to dig her fingers on it.

Recognize the Bumbo boys? At one glance, they really do look alike but at a closer look, they look different. Thanks once again Chin Nee for baking the chocolate fairy cup cakes. I wonder how you manage with your plate full to the brim! You're a supermom!

And this lovely gift for Baby is from Elaine. Barb passed it to me. Thanks very much for thinking of Baby. Would love to have you coming to my place one day. I'm very sure Amber will enjoy herself playing with her new friends and new toys.

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