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Monday, August 24, 2009

If Only She Would Drink From A Cup

I was at Babyland the other day to get Baby a 3-in-1 cup, i.e. a cup that comes with a spout, a straw and a teat. There were so many brands of 3-in-1 cup that I didn't know which one to buy. Initially I chose a Tommy Tippee cup and that cup was almost RM40. When I was about to pay, I changed my mind and got a Pureen cup instead, which cost way cheaper. I just had a hunch that Baby would resist using the teat, spout and straw (as I had tried in vain to feed her with those countless times) and I didn't want the expensive cup to go to waste.

I was right. When I let Baby use the cup with the straw, teat and spout, all she did was played with the cup, shoke the cup as if it was her new toy and spilled water everywhere. It was back to square one and I ended up spoon feeding her again, looooooong sigh......

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