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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Our Sunday

Everything went quite smoothly this morning and I thought we would arrive in church just on time but when I opened up Baby's diaper to check just before I left the house, dang dang dang.... there was poop in her diaper, aiyah! Then my maid told me there was poop on my clothes, oh shit... poop on my white spaghetti strap top, oh no!! I quickly washed Baby up, dress her up again, removed my top and washed off the poop but the poop stain was still on it, so I soaked it with some detergent, quickly dressed up again and hurried to the church and we were late again *gasp*. No matter how early I wake up, no matter how fast I hurry up, something has to crop up each Sunday. After church, we were supposed to eat in PJ as I had wanted to get something for Baby from Babyland but hubs got a call from his friend who asked us to join him for lunch at an Italian restaurant called Neroteca (located next to Somerset Sri Conlay serviced apartments).... so off we went to join his friend, handsome star of Sepet. Thankfully there was no road block, no traffic congestion and no demo in town. Traffic was really smooth coz everyone shunned away from KL today. Shall post pix in my next post.

How was your Sunday?
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