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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Outgrowing Her Shoes Real Fast

Alycia is outgrowing her shoes at an unbelievable rapid rate. Apart from her Crocs which she wears to pre-school everyday, all her shoes are worn less than 20 times, some are even never worn. She is lucky that she has aunts and grandparents who keep buying her shoes but the problem with her is that she is quite picky on her choice of shoes. My mil bought her a pair of white Zara Kids shoes that look like ballerina shoes last year. The shoes were a tad oversized for her then. Recently when I dug out the pair of shoes and asked her to wear them, she refused to. She not only dislikes ballet, she even dislikes shoes that look like her old ballet shoes! It looks as if I have to bring her shopping to get her a new pair of shoes. There ain't many brands of kids' shoes that are nice and priced affordably here. Perhaps I should ask my friend from the U.S. to help me get Alycia a nice pair of MBT shoes when she visits me.
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