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Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Baby is having a quite a bad runny nose and a chesty cough with loads of phlegm. Her appetite is down to zilch and only watery stuff gets to go down her throat - breastmilk and soup. Getting her to drink formula milk powder has never been easy even before she had the flu. With the flu now, oh gawd, I really want to pull my hair and scream each time I spoon feed her formula milk. Barb, you saw how I spoon fed her last week right? It took me a frigging 1 hour just to finish off 2 ounces of Pediasure *long sigh*! My maid and I had to bring her outside to show her the pool, let her ride on her jie jie's tricycle and scooter to distract her so that I can quickly shove the spoonfuls of milk into her mouth. I really want to give up doing that!

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Here Baby is given all the forbidden things to play with - my handphone, the remote controls and the cordless phone. So whilst she was happily playing with them, I had to hurriedly shove the spoonfuls of milk into her mouth! But it ain't easy though coz her nose is blocked and she's breathing through her mouth and feeding her too quickly will only cause her to choke and on a few occasions, she even puked! I tell you, this is driving me up the wall and it's frigging tiring and stressful!

My poor little sick kitten with watery eyes, red lips and watery nose.
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