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Friday, August 21, 2009

Would You Bring Your Kids For A Holiday Or Shopping At The Mall Now?

569 number of confirmed H1N1 cases in a day ain't no joke. One of the deaths recently involved a pregnant woman who was 34 weeks pregnant. Her fetus did not survive either. Oh my, the number of people infected with A and the number of deaths are really disturbing.

The hubs and I are not taking any chances and we will not be bringing Alycia and Sherilyn along with us to Penang during the school holidays. We will have to cancel the hotel room that we have earlier booked for 2 nights. The gals will still follow us back to Ipoh and will stay at my parents. The hubs and I will travel to Penang with only Baby. Baby is scheduled for an MCUG scan next week at a private hospital in Penang to see if she still has Kidney Reflux after the Ureteral Reimplantation surgery in May this year. I will try to put on a face mask on Baby when we are in the hospital, especially at the pediatric ward. I know she will surely pull the mask off but it's worth a try.

The hubs is so concerned of the A pandemic that he is even reluctant to bring the gals out to the mini market or the pasar malam at our neighborhood. He even suggested that the gals stay home and avoid going to pre-school. We will most likely not even attend church this Sunday since Baby is still having a cough and a slight runny nose. Sherilyn got bitten by the virulent cold bug and she's now having the sniffles too. The hubs is not spared and got bitten as well. He's now sleeping in a separate room.

The holiday in Penang that the gals and I have waited for 3 months will not materialize afterall, sigh.... I am a tad disappointed that our holiday has to be shelved. But the gals ain't really upset as they can stay with koong koong and granny, their ever-indulgent grandparents who spoil them to bits. We were planning to stay at a beach resort at Batu Ferringhi and the gals were so looking forward to it. I hope our holiday at a beach resort in Penang can materialize during the December school holidays. This time, the hubs and I are targetting the new Hard Rock Hotel at Batu Ferringhi. This hotel will only open its doors in September. We passed by this hotel when we were up in Penang recently. It's huge and it's awesome. I heard they are now having a limited-time-only promotion and the room rate for a hillview deluxe room is less than RM400 and this price is really a steal for such a grand hotel at the popular Batu Ferringhi tourist area.

Are you as paranoid as me as well? Have you cancelled any of your holiday or shopping plans? If you were me, would you bring your kids along to Penang during the school holidays?
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