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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Do you hug and kiss your spouse in front of your kids?

Just before hubby left the house for basketball today, he gave me a peck on the cheek. Alycia saw it. In the past when she was little, she would get extremely jealous whenever she sees daddy hugging or kissing mummy. She would push us and separate us and then cry. Now, as she is older and is more mature in her thinking, she would even encourage us to hug!! One time she asked me this "mummy, do you love daddy? Why do you quarel with him?" when she saw us arguing with each other.

When she saw daddy giving mummy a peck just now, she smiled shyly and then walked away. When Sherilyn came out from the bedroom, Alycia announced this loudly "just now I saw daddy kissing mummy, ahahahahah! I am going to tell all my friends in school tomorrow ahahahahah!" My maid and probably my mil heard it. That was really malu I tell yer. I immediately reprimanded her and warned her not to say it. Now, we better be careful of what we do, else our 3 little monkeys will broadcast it to the world!

Do you hug and kiss your spouse in front of your kids?

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