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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hello Daddy

Each time the house phone or my mobile phone rings, rascal #1 and #2 will rush to pick up the phone, as if competing with each other to see who gets the phone first. Now the 2 jie jies have a rival and the tiniest rascal always get to answer the phone. This is what Baby normally says when she answers the phone "Halo.... ar ar, halo.... ar ar" Why "ar ar"? That's because we adults always say that whenever we answer the phone, like saying "Hello, yes yes" (in response to saying that it's me on the phone) but we say "Hello ar ar" in Cantonese or Mandarin hahahah!

Yesterday Baby grabbed my mobile phone when I had forgotten to put it up on the shelve and she pretended to key in some numbers and then went "halo daddy, ar ar...." LOL!!
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