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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My 2 Little Babysitters

Last Saturday, my 2 older girls were in a mood to help me feed Baby breakfast. Let me tell you, feeding Baby formula milk, food and water require a hundred tons of patience, something which I don’t have. My helper does not have it either but we have to do it. What choice do we have unless we starve her. Feeding Baby eats up a lot of our time. I always tell the hubs that I need one full-time helper to help me feed Baby and care for her.

Back to my 2 older girls. Alycia started to volunteer to help me coax Baby to drink water. Sherilyn saw how ‘fun’ it was and she too took the bowl of hard boiled egg and coaxed Baby to eat. That freed my helper and me from the back-breaking chore of chasing Baby around the house and coaxing her to eat. I even had the time to read the newspapers and the titan auto insurance review. I hope this coming Saturday, my 2 older girls will volunteer to help me feed Baby again.

To get Baby to open her mouth to drink and eat, she needs to be in front of the TV or at the area where we place the bicycles, scooter and tricycle. I can't wait for Baby to grow up!!

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