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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Little Penang Cafe @ Mid Valley Megamall

On the day of Baby's Chalazion eye surgery, we had lunch at Little Penang Cafe. This cafe is located just below ISEC. Here's what we had and for you to drool on :D

Sinfully refreshing and fattening ice-kacang with banana slices, roasted peanuts, sweetened sweet corn, jelly, evaporated milk and 'sarsi' flavored syrup.

Delish nasi lemak. The coconut milk cooked rice was really fluffy and fragrant. Even someone who is on a low-carb diet cannot resist chomping down a few spoonfuls of the rice.

Fruit rojak.

Pai Tee (Top Hat) - very good. The 'hat' was very crispy and had no rancid taste. The braised turnip was sweet.

The famous Penang char koay teow with large prawns and crab meat, yums!!

Every plate of food on the table was wiped off within minutes as both the hubs and I were famished after 'fasting' with Baby for the whole morning.
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