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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Little Social Butterfly

Baby is a little social butterfly. From the moment she gets up from bed in the morning till evening, she is always hopeful to go kai kai. At the mention of "let's go kai kai", she is the first to get ready. She will zoom to her drawer in the bedroom and fish out her kai kai clothes. She even knows which drawer is to store what type of clothes. Then she removes the singlet that she wears at home and puts on the kai kai clothes herself. Next, she would bring out a hair clip and say "mummy, help me clip"! Once she's all leng leng (pretty), she will wear her favorite Hello Kitty crocs and wait at the door for everyone else to get ready (as shown in pic above). Super efficient, definitely not a dilly dallier like #2 jie jie. Well, I hope she stays this way and not slackens and be a slacker when she grows up.
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