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Monday, March 1, 2010

My Choice Of Breastfeeding-Friendly Clothes

When I first started breastfeeding Baby, I bought expensive nursing tops imported from the U.S. and expensive tube bras. Each top cost over a hundred ringgit. After nursing Baby for almost a year, I discovered that I need not buy imported expensive nursing tops. I discovered that cheap dresses and tops (less than a hundred ringgit) can also facilitate breastfeeding very easily and efficiently. Many of my friends and relatives often ask how I let Baby latch on in the car or in a restaurant so easily like I am a pro. Sometimes it's so discreet that no one ever notices. I use a shawl to cover my shoulders and Baby - no need to buy expensive breastfeeding covers. My choice of breastfeeding-friendly clothes are clothes that are:

1) Designed with a deep v-neck collar -- worn with a tube bra (without wire. I hate wired bras!). To breastfeed - just pull the top of the tube bra down. The deep v-neck collar top/dress is low enough to open up one side to facilitate breastfeeding.

2) Low cut dresses or tops -- worn with an inner tube or tube bra.

3) Dresses and tops made from stretchable fabric. My favorite is poly-cotton. They are cheap, does not need any ironing, cooling and stretchable.

4) Dresses and tops that have elastics / garters at the chest area so that it's easily pulled down to facilitate breastfeeding.

5) Get cheap tube bras. I am small size and petite. Scarlet brand from Jusco has very cheap tube bras (comes in many attractive colors) for teenagers. Yes, I can still fit into a teenager bra haha!

6) Buy clothes that come with a built-in bra / padding. Try Elle Sports or even Scarlet brand - at the bra section.

7) Get cheap and funky tube bras from those shops at Times Square KL.

Oh yes, you may also get some dresses I mentioned above from my online blogshop :D Just ask me which one can facilitate breastfeeding and I can recommend a few for you.

Just my 2 cents from a pro-breastfeeding mummy who has been nursing Baby for almost 22 months!
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