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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sell Any Of Your Old Or New Stuff At My Blogshop!

This invitation is open to everyone! I am pretty sure many of you have stuff that you want to dispose of but don't know where to dispose them or who to give them to. Sometimes, you feel that it would be a tad too 'sayang' to give your stuff away and have thought of selling it. Well, now you can sell your stuff both old and new at my blogshop, Old And New Stuff For Sale!

You can sell just about any stuff - old baby clothes, your old clothes, bags, costume jelweries, accessories, belts, iPod, your old car (!!) and anything under the sky that you have EXCEPT for pornographic stuff, illegal stuff, banned stuff and stuff that I don't support. Listing of your stuff at my blogshop will be subject to my review and approval. You only pay me 20% in handling / listing fee and commission. For eg. if someone buys your old handbag at RM20, you only need to pay me RM2, that's it!

You can also make nice stuff - costume jewelries, crafts, kids' stuff, even cakes, cookies, etc. and sell them at my blogshop.

This is the procedure:

1) Take pix of your stuff
2) Write description of your stuff
3) Set pricing for your stuff
4) Email the pix and description of your stuff to shireenyong@gmail.com
5) I will post your pix and description of your stuff in my blogshop
6) Any enquiries from interested customers, I will direct them to you.
7) Payment will be to my bank account.
8) I will transfer the money to your account less 20% (10% handling / listing fee + 10% commission) to be paid to me.

You like this stuff? If you love my stuff, quick go through your wardrobe and garage/storeroom to look for old stuff now, snap pix and email them to me. Spread this news to your friends and relatives too. You don't have to go to eBay or sweat it out at the weekend bazaar to sell your stuff now! Sell it at Old And New Stuff For Sale.

BTW, I got this idea from self-made millionaire Rob Kalin when I read from last month's Reader's Digest about how he made his millions doing this at his website. He is only 29 years old and he grosses more than USD12 million a year!! Well, I don't dream of making this much, just a million a year will suffice :D
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