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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Smelly Pee On My Lips!

The other day about 1.5 weeks ago, while sniffing Baby's pee in the specimen bottle in the bathroom (her pee looked and smelled suspicious of an impending UTI), this rascal pushed my hand when I was sniffing the pee. The pee splattered on my lips and I think a wee bit must have gone into my mouth too! Gawd, I was aghast. I don't mind sniffing her pee and touching her poop but tasting some of these yucky stuff, NO WAY, I dowan! I quickly washed and rinsed my mouth with water under the tap and gave the little rascal a good whack on her hand. This little rascal is making every potty session a hell for me. She is now at the phase of rebelling to pee and poo on the potty! She is also rebelling against drinking water! God please help me to remain sane and help Baby to outgrow this horrible Terrible Two phase asap!

On another note, tomorrow we will be bringing Baby to see an Ophthalmologist. She may need a minor op to remove the abscess from the boil/sty under her right eyelid. I shall write about this in my healthiswealth.com blog.
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