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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Weaning Baby From Co-Sleeping With Us

I think I will have not much problems weaning Baby from co-sleeping with hubby and me. The problem is weaning her off her boops addiction. She needs them whenever she wants to sleep. Baby's anesthetist told me that she weaned her son off her boops cold turkey when he was 2.5 years old. Maybe I should do that too. I just have to gather the strength and cold heartnedness to do that.

In this picture taken about 2 weeks ago, Baby had slept with Alycia jie jie one night. We had gone out shopping that evening and returned home about 11ish pm. Everyone was so burnt out that they dropped on their beds without fussing and drifted into slumberland, Baby included. I brought Baby back to my bedroom as I was worried that she would fall off Alycia's bed. When I am prepared to wean Baby from co-sleeping with us, I will place a mattress on the floor at the foot of Alycia's bed for Baby to sleep there.

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