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Friday, April 9, 2010

Cassandra Is TWO Today!

My sweetie-pie Baby Cassandra is no longer a baby. She's now a toddler, a big little girl who speaks like she's 3yo. Exactly 2 years ago around this time, I was lying on the bed in a 2-bedded room at Sunway Medical Centre, just out from the recovery bay in the OT. I still remember everything that transpired inside the OT, the other patients who went into the OT room and everything that I saw.

Back in the ward, I was really anxious to take a closer look at my 3rd princess... though I remembered only vaguely that she was very fair during the brief 1 minute or so first-time-ever, fresh-from-belly moment in the OT. I was still shivering from the side effects of the spinal cord anesthetic. I could not move, only felt pins and needles on my feet and could only feel partially the lower part of my body.

The year 2008 and 2009 had been very, very eventful, emotional and painful for Baby and me. For those of you who have been following my blogs, you will know that Baby, my tough little cookie had endured a lot during the first 14 months of her life.... 2major surgeries (not including 1 minor eye surgery 3 weeks ago), countless jabs and IV drips.

Fast forward 2 years on, she's now healthier, no longer on daily antibiotics and no longer gets monthly UTI attacks which required hospitalization / IV drips.

I thank God for this sweetie-pie that He has sent to me. I pray to God that He will bestow Cassandra with good health, longevity and happiness always.

Happy 2nd Birthday Baby girl. Everyone loves you VERY, VERY much!
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