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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Cassandra's 2nd Birthday

Yesterday Baby was aware that it was her birthday. She knew that being the birthday girl, it was her very special day and was given the immunity to being naughty and mischievous. She played with the water faucet and sprayed water at Sherilyn jie jie in the toilet/bathroom and wet the entire toilet area, yet mah mah did not cane her. After playing with the water faucet when mah mah reprimanded her, she did monkey faces and pulled the comforter off mah mah's bed and onto the floor... yet she wasn't caned.

After her shower yesterday morning, she refused to wear the clothes she's supposed to wear at home. Instead, this pig-headed girl insisted that she must wear kai kai clothes and wore this dress meant for outing at home.

The whole of yesterday, she kept saying she wanted to eat ice-cream and Daddy dearest went to Mid Valley to get her Baskin Robbins.

At the steamboat restaurant last night, Alycia jie jie would perhaps remember Baby's 2nd birthday for the rest of her life. Before the food came, Daryl khai yeh (god father) accidentally knocked down Alycia's glass of 100 Plus and spilled the content on her clothes. She was soaked in the sticky 100 Plus from top to bottom!! Daddy had an extra sleeveless basketball vest in the car but she wouldn't wear it coz it looked SO awful on her. Imagine donning on a bright red XXL sleeveless basketball vest muahahahahah! Die die also she wouldn't want to don on the chilli red XXL vest. Khai Yeh was corroded with guilt and felt really bad. He wanted to go out to buy her a t-shirt but mah mah said no need. It so happened that he had an extra t-shirt (which was also XL size) in the car and he got it for her. But she also die die didn't want to wear it. After much persuasion, she finally donned on the XL adult, men's t-shirt over her 100 Plus-soaked jeans. And nope, she didn't look like a fish out of water, in fact we think she looked CUTE in the oversized t-shirt. I tried to snap her pix but she kept avoiding me and was enraged :D

For those of you who are my Facebook friend, you can view pix of Baby's birthday dinner and Alycia in the oversized t-shirt.
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