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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Don't Like Rice But Love Chicken Rice!

Baby does not fancy eating rice too much. Her taste bud is very much similar to Sherilyn and thank God Baby eats better than Sherilyn. Baby can feed herself pretty well and she chews her food. Sherilyn still needs my mil to feed her at times, especially when it comes to eating rice with dishes. When Sherilyn was younger, she used to store her food in her mouth for the longest time before spitting them out! My mistake of blending her food until she was 3 years old.

Last week my mil cooked a very flavorful pot of chicken rice. She cooked the chicken, mushrooms and chinese sausages with sesame seed oil, a little sodium-reduced soy sauce and a little black sauce. The chicken rice wasn't too salty and I gave some to Baby to try. I thought Baby wouldn't eat the rice but I was wrong. She lurved it and polished off the whole bowl of rice with chicken and mushrooms!

Baby happily whacking her chicken rice and kombu soup.

Angels in pink.... when there's chicken rice, I am rest assured to see 3 happy, smiley faces. I wish I had a wrinkle-free and line-free face like theirs. Wrinkles are starting to sprout out around my eyes and I hope I don't have to use eye wrinkle cream soon :S
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