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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Drink Lots Of Water Baby

It ain't an easy task to get Baby to drink water. Whenever she's given her sippy cup, she will run away, sometimes as if inviting me to chase her... which I have absolutely no time and energy to chase her round the house in order to get her to drink water. I threaten and bribe her a lot in order to make her gulp down water.

Everyday, I say this to her whenever she refuses to drink water. I say this so much that I now recite this like a nursery rhyme and I'm sure very soon, Baby can also recite this "Drink Water' rhyme HAHAHAH!!

Drink Water Ryme:
If you don't drink water, you will get infection,
If you get infection,
You will get injection,
Please drink water
Mummy has no more money to pay the doctor
Drink lots of water
You don't need to see doctor
Baby, drink lots of water
No infection
No injection

One sure way of getting her to drink water willingly is to give her a new cup or tumbler. This was also the case with Alycia and Sherilyn last time when they were about Baby's age. That's how my kichen cabinets are now filled with tumblers!
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