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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Free White Board From Scotts Emulsion

The girls were super delighted when the mini market owner gave us 2 white boards when we purchased 2 bottles of orange flavored Scotts Emulsion. This free gift that comes with the Scotts Emulsion is every kid's favorite toy. Which kid doesn't like to doodle and draw with a marker pen right? The marken pen ink is also easily wiped off with paper or water. 2 weeks later, we bought another 2 bottles of Scotts Emulsion. Now we have 4 white boards at home and the girls don't have to fight for the white board anymore. Each of them have their very own white board and marker pen. This reminds me that I should get another 2 more bottles of Scotts Emulsion tonight. My 3 girls have been consuming Scotts Emulsion since they were 1 year old.

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