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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hakka Mien With Fresh Mushrooms And Minced Pork Sauce and Homemade Fish Balls

My mil bought some fresh Hakka mien back from Ipoh. I am not one who likes yellow noodles but my mil can always whip up something really yummy with the Hakka mien. She either shallow fries the Hakka mien till they become crispy and prepares an egg sauce with meat ala Cantonese style. Munching on the crispy fried mien can be really addictive and my kids love them. They pretend that they are eating Mammee!

The other day, she prepared the Hakka mien in another style. She blanched the Hakka mien with hot water, some salt and sesame seed oil. This way the noodles are smooth and flavorful and doesn't clump up into a block of starch. Then she prepared the sauce by frying some shallots with minced pork, dried cuttlefish and fresh mushrooms. She also boiled some homemade fish balls and blanched some sweet, fat and crunchy bean sprouts which she bought from Ipoh.

This bowl is for Baby and she loved it to bits. I also deep-freezed some of the mushroom-fish ball-pork sauce into smaller portions for future use. On days when I am in no mood to cook for her, I just heat up the frozen sauce and boil some noodles for her.

This one is for me where the 'liu' (ingredients) are more than the mien, yumsss!! :D
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