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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Homecooked Dishes

Here's a meal from one of our dinners last week, all of which was cooked by my mil:

Organic brown rice cooked with organic Japanese pumpkin. This is good stuff but my girls don't know how to appreciate this yet :( They prefer plain white rice.

Braised chicken with potatoes and tomatoes. The sweet and sour taste from the tomatoes can really whet one's appetite.... this dish is really palatable, yums!

Hakka pork with wood ear fungus and dried oysters... another of our favorite dishes.

Stir-fried leek flowers with fish cake... Baby's favorite dish.

Stir-fried brinjals with XO sauce and Chinese parsley... my mil's favorite dish. My girls and I don't really fancy brinjals but I like fish paste stuffed brinjals though :)
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