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Thursday, April 1, 2010

New Nike Shoes In Fluorescent Blue

Nice or not my new Nike shoes in fluorescent blue? Say nice lar coz it's very expensive :) I wanted to buy a pair of running shoes that costs RM100+ but the cheapest pair of running shoes for ladies at the Nike shop cost RM235 (and it's after discount!). I still wanted to buy a RM100+ a pair running shoes of a cheaper brand like Reebok but the hubs said he will buy me this pair :

And this pair of shoes is the cheapest running shoes for ladies in that Nike shop, at RM235! But it's worth the money coz my feet feel so comfy in this pair of shoes when I run every morning.

While I chose my shoes, my 3 gals monkeyed around at the shop.

Alycia doing a hip hop dance while Baby and Sherilyn played with the Nike balls.

"Mummy see, I can dribble the ball!"
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