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Thursday, April 15, 2010

You Mess Up, You Clean Up

Baby must have seen her 2 jie jies cleaning up the mess they created. I have a rule in place at home. This rule was created recently as I just cannot afford the time to keep cleaning up the mess my 2 older girls create. Whoever spills drinks and food, they are accountable for cleaning up. Whoever plays toys and takes out the jig saw puzzle, they are responsible for keeping them once they're done.

When Baby spilled a bowl of Cheerios the other day, she ran to the table and pulled a few pieces of toilet paper.... and then began sweeping the Cheerios with the toilet paper. She then finished off by wiping the floor with a towel that Kakak had left outside the kitchen, just like how kakak does it everyday. She sure has a sharp learning curve haha!

Just like how kakak and mummy wipe the floor.

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