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Monday, March 28, 2011

Things She Says

Just want to record this conversation between Baby and me today. Baby, when you read this a few years down the road, you will have a good laugh at yourself.

Me - Baby, tomorrow is mummy's birthday. What are you going to give me?

Baby - I have no money....

Me - I know. But you can give me something that does not need money to buy. What will you give me?

Baby - I will give you a pink goggles (and pointing to the pink goggles hanging in our bathroom).

Me - I don't want a goggles. I don't need one. Give me something else.

Baby - Errrrr, I will give you money from my piggy bank!

Me - How much money will you give?

Baby - MANY!!

Me - Can you give me ALL the money in your piggy bank?

Baby - NO!!! I will give you 2 (and showing me 2 fingers)

My Baby, she's getting more and more vocal each day and she's a willful cili padi too. Try to criticize her and she will put up a defiant and defensive front saying "Who says??? NO I am not. You only, not me!!"... and she will defend herself until the end. I am quite confident she won't get bullied in future.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Morning Routine

This is Baby's morning routine. She drinks 3/4 cup of fresh milk with a teaspooon of chocolate flavored Dutch Lady 123 milk powder for a tinge of chocolaty flavor to her milk. On some mornings, she sits in front of the TV while she eats her breakfast. Her breakfast is as heavy as mine. In fact she eats more than me! Here's what her breakfast normally consists of : fruits on an empty stomach, 3/4 cup of fresh milk half an hour later, a hard boiled egg, bread and biscuits. When my mil eats her breakfast later, Baby joins her and pecks on her food. This rascal can really eat and eat and I think she really has a stomach made of rubber!

Here she's watching her favorite Go Go's cartoon. Go Go's series of educational DVDs teaches toddlers and kids English and Baby loves Go Go's. She can memorize most of the songs and all the scenes in her GoGo's DVDs.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Noodles Crazed Girls

My #2 and #3 are noodles crazed, in particular over green tea noodles or buckwheat noodles. They can survive on nothing but these noodles and they like it with Soba Sauce and shredded seaweed. Alycia likes her green noodles with a dash of wasabi too! I normally prepare some onion omelette so that their daily intake of protein is met.

If I ever leave a plate of plain green tea noodles on the dining table and turn my back, I can be rest assured to see 2 greedy pups climbing up the table to pick the noodles with their fingers and stuffing the noodles into their mouths! When my mil is again away overseas soon, my girls can be certain that they will get to eat green tea noodles at least twice a week. It's easy job for me and they love it!

Dangers Of Working When You Are Sleepy

I am one who can never go to bed at peace if there is work left unfinished. Last night, I was seated in front of my PC but I was struggling to keep my eyes opened. I wanted to complete a review on discount avo cigars but my mind just could not function anymore. Knowing how dangerous it is to work on my PC when my brain is shutting down, I went straight to my bedroom and dozed off within seconds. In the past, I had made some mistakes with my customers’ orders when I worked with my eyes almost shut and a mind that was also half shut down.

Dislikes Milk

Alycia used to love drinking milk until she was weaned off the milk bottle when she was 5 years old. Since then, she has developed a dislike for milk, even if the milk is flavored with chocolate or strawberry. I told her that if she does not want to drink milk, I need to give her calcium supplement so that she will not have brittle bones or Osteoperosis in future.

If All Goes Well…

If all goes well with Baby’s urinary tract, we will no longer be required to make a trip to Penang to see the surgeon twice a year starting from next year. Her surgeon told us that after her condition stabilizes 2 years post surgery, we only need to bring her to see him once a year, until she turns 12 years old. With God’s grace, I pray that she does not require anymore expensive scans, medical treatments and surgery. With the money saved on her expensive medical treatments, we can start to plan for a long-deserved holiday and look for some Outer Banks vacation rental soon.

Praying For Good Health

My mum does not have any extensive medical insurance and Medicare part D plans in place. Having seen what some of our friends have been going through lately with the grave illnesses that they were stricken with, I have been reminding my mum to quickly get a medical insurance in place soonest possible. Diseases and misfortunes strike without warning. My greatest wish and prayer are for me, my kids and parents to be blessed with good health. That is the best gift the Lord can bestow us with.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Yummy Homemade Breads And Pesto Sauce

My mil spent her entire day in the kitchen to whip up something really good for us last week. She started work at around 4pm and the work ended at 11ish pm.

Here are the products of her labor of love and her passion in cooking and baking:

3 jars of pesto sauce to be used as bread spread and for pasta. She made extra and stored a jar in the freezer so that we can eat it when she's away again soon.

3 loaves of purple sweet potato bread and 3 loaves of walnut-figs rye bread.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Say Sorry To Me!

While I was showering Baby last night, some water splattered into her eyes and she was mad at me.

Baby - HEY!!! Why spray water in my eyes?

Me - Oh, I did it accidentally only.....

Baby - then say SORRY to me!!! (in a demanding tone that I owe her an immediate apology!)

Me - sorry Baby. But you can't shout at mummy ok?

And if I remembered correctly, she was still not satisfied with the apology and was mumbling away that I had accidentally splattered some water into her eyes! This rascal is a cili padi, small but mighty, I am very convinced she is.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wine Ice Cream From USA

We sampled some wine ice creams from the wine specialty shop that hubs patronizes and hubs chose a tub of cherry ice cream made with Merlot wine.

A tub costs about RM24 and it's imported from the US. If you are crazy over wine, you'll love the tinge of wine taste in this ice-cream. I am not a huge fan of wine or alcohol and will only have a sip or two if occasions call for but I kind of like this ice cream. Nice!

Cherry Merlot Wine ice cream with generous amounts of cherries.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Hilarious Fall Of Sherilyn's 2nd Tooth

Remember my earlier post on the hilarious fall of Sherilyn's first tooth? About 1.5 weeks later, her 2nd shaky bottom tooth dropped and I tell yer, it was equally hilarious.

That night, Sherilyn had fallen asleep on the couch. When I dragged her to the bathroom to shower her, she was whining and sulking away. When I brushed her teeth, she whined even more and was throwing a huge tantrum... which made my temper hit the roof. After brushing her teeth, she turned to me abruptly and said this "mummy, what happened to my tooth???"... and opened her mouth wide. When I looked at her mouth, I burst out laughing as the shaky tooth at the bottom was gone!!! I told her that her tooth had dropped and she exploded... bawling away like a baby. She blamed me for brushing her teeth too hard to the point of 'loosing' her tooth. I then searched everywhere on the bathroom floor for her tooth. Damn it that the color of her tooth and the bathroom floor was almost the same, making it hard for us to find her tooth. What more with all the suds on the floor, we could barely find the tooth. I asked her if she had swallowed the tooth and she said NO and bawled even louder... and blamed me to no end.

After a 5-minute search, I finally found her tooth at one corner of the bathroom LOL!! My cry baby was really angry and crabby as I had woken her up from her sleep and dragged her to the bathroom to shower and caused her tooth to drop. After she had calmed down, I told her that she should be happy that the tooth had finally dropped as she had been complaining that the loose tooth was hurting her gum. Now, there's no more pain and she can eat comfortably again.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Our Quiet Sunday

It was a pretty quiet Sunday for us. We were supposed to go to church but Sherilyn had fever on Saturday, which did not subside on Sunday. Hubby who is always paranoid whenever the gals have fever insisted to bring Sherilyn to the doctor but I said no. I always prefer to give their body a chance to heal naturally and not shoot straight to get antibiotics, which will only impair the body's immune system. True enough after just 1 dose of PCM, lots of barley water, coconut water, plain water, fruits, rest and sleep and showering her body each time the temperature shot up to above 38 degrees Celsius, the fever subsided last night.... without the need for antibiotics or costly doctor's fees.

While Sherilyn lay on the couch the whole day, I spent the whole day packing my customers' orders into courier bags for them to be posted out today.

Garment factory from home...

Kids clothes, kids accessories and ladies clothes for over 50 customers... you can check out my online store too :D

And Alycia spent the whole day with her koo poh who brought her along to her office and then for lunch, just the both of them. Later that night, my mil brought Alycia out for Thai food with my sil who just arrived from China.

How did you spend your Sunday?

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Simple And Delish Homecooked Dishes

My mil is a great cook. She can mix and match and whip up a delish dish with whatever ingredients that she can find in the fridge. Every time there are leftover uncooked meat and veggie in the fridge, she can whip up something different that tastes good.

Here's a peek into what we normally have for dinner every night:

Fried fish or steamed fish. I can never go wrong with fried fish for that's my kids' favorite, mine too.

Pan fried Japanese tofu with fresh mushrooms...

Stir fried long beans with brinjal and preserved olives. The salty preserved olives are very flavorful and go well with veggie dishes and meat dishes.

My mil will leave us for a few months again very soon, this time to HK and NZ. Though I dread the thought of having to cook lunch and dinner everyday, there's no way I will get catered homecooked food again after our previous bad experience. My kids and I don't mind having fried eggs, omelette, fried fish and steam chicken in our menu every week. We rather have these simple dishes than having salty and oily catered food with burnt wok residue as toppings on the dishes everyday!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Hilarious Fall Of Sherilyn's 1st Tooth

... and I think it will be an unforgettable one as it was really hilarious. It all started about a year ago when Sherilyn's right front tooth was knocked twice - once on her friend's knee and another time when she tried to walk through a glass door at Purple Cane restaurant and had her mouth smacked hard on the glass door OUCH!!! From then, the tooth became loose and about 2 months ago, it became really shaky and half the tooth was yanked out from the gums, making her look like a 'sau ngar por' LOL!! She looked really hilarious each time she talked or ate as the shaky tooth would dangle in and out of her mouth muahahahahah!!! I couldn't even stand looking at her mouth when she talked for I would be unable to control laughing out hard... which made her really mad... mad that her mummy was making fun of her. But I wasn't making fun of her, she just looked too too funny LOL!!

So back to the shaky tooth. After weeks and months of wanting to yank off the tooth herself (she chickened out each time we told her we wanted to bring her to the dentist to have the tooth extracted), one night it finally came off.... in a hilarious way. It started like this. I had asked Sherilyn to demonstrate to me some of the ballet movements that she had learned in class. While she was dancing, prancing and jumping, I saw her loose tooth dangling out of her mouth, to the point of almost dropping. I excitedly told her that the tooth was almost dropping and asked her to dance and jump harder... to which she did. She jumped and hopped as hard as she could and when she tried to pull it off, the shaky tooth was finally yanked off, without any pain! Everyone cheered for her and we were all very glad that her loose tooth which made her look terribly hilarious each time she talked and ate had finally descended. That night, the mummy tooth fairy put a dollar in an ang pow packet under her pillow. That's where her first tooth has been kept - in an ang pow packet, together with the dollar note and it will be for keeps for a long, long time... for her to see and maybe for her kids to see.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Lately, #2 and #3 have been very chummy. About a month back, the 3 girls moved in to sleep with mah mah after they were scared off their wits by a a huge lizard who tried to play hide-and-seek with them, HAHA! I don't know why #2 has a sudden closeness with her baby sister ever since they moved in to my mil's bedroom. In fact, both #2 and #1 will 'fight' over Baby, each claiming that Baby is theirs and would insist that Baby should sleep on their bed! The fight turned out pretty ugly once when they had a tug of war over their baby sister, muahahahahahah!!! And the proud Baby was sitting on the fence, watching her sisters fight over her, as if she was a cuddly snuggly soft toy :D

Last night, Baby decided to snuggle up with me and sleep with hubs and I on our king-size bed. When #2 found out that Baby did not want to sleep with her, she was really upset, to the point of almost in tears! In fact this had happened several times and she bawled, saying that she could not sleep without Baby next to her!

Baby and Sherilyn lining up outside the church recently, waiting to walk to the front of the Sanctuary to contribute a portion of their CNY ang pow collection to the church.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

My Saturday

My day passes by oh so quickly everyday. Being a WFHM who hardly ever have the time for myself, I never have to worry that life is a bore. I have too much on my plate now and really hope that I can reduce some of the nosh off my plate so that I can breathe easier while I take the time to enjoy whatever that's on my plate.

Today I woke up at 6am and did some work on the computer. At 7am, I went out for a jog, bought some meat and vegetables from the veggie man on van and then proceeded to work out in the gym. After breakfast, I started to do stock check, perform QA check and packed my customers' orders into courier bags. Next, fixed a simple lunch for my kids and got Sherilyn ready to attend ballet class. Later, I spent almost the whole afternoon doing revision with Alycia who will be sitting for her 1st term exam next week. Tomorrow we will be having buffet lunch at our favorite Japanese restaurant, Xenri @ Wisma Elken. It's a lunch to celebrate the birthday of our close friend, Alan Yun (local actor and model).

How have your Saturday been?

Friday, March 4, 2011

Mummy, I Found A Boy To Marry

Alycia and Sherilyn have always been telling me that they do not want to get married when they grow up. Time and again Sherilyn will reinforce her decision of not wanting to get married. She always tells me this "I don't want to get married because I don't want the doctor to cut my stomach to take the baby out" LOL!

But today she came home from school and stunned me with this :

Sher - mummy, you want me to marry a clever and rich boy is it? I already found a boy to marry.

Me - who???

Sher - Ricky Kiu

Me - who???

Sher - Ricky Kiu!!

Me - is he your classmate?

Sher - yup. But Berlyn said she wants to marry him too, so I cannot marry him.
(Berlyn is Sherilyn's best friend)

Me - Oh! So did you fight with Berlyn over Ricky?

Sher - no. Never mind, I will find another boy to marry lar....

See how naive kids can be with their thoughts and words. She made my day today :D

A Fairy Tale Wedding

One of the best weddings I had ever attended was that of my good friend’s held 5 years ago. It was indeed a wedding made in heaven and everything about the wedding was so detailed, well planned and organized. It was held at a lake-side of a well known holiday resort here. First was the speech by the wedding DJ who was as good as the Biloxi Wedding DJ followed by the wedding vows and ring exchange ceremony by the lake-side. Then everyone adjourned to the banquet hall for a sumptuous feast of Chinese cuisine. We were all entertained by the witty wedding DJ who made us all laugh with his amusing speech and tongue in cheek remarks about the bride and groom. There was also the usual champagne pouring, cake cutting and tossing on the stage.

When the wedding reception was about to end, the groom went up stage to sing their love song solo, then invited his lovely bride to dance. After their romantic dance, the couple invited other guests to dance and before we knew it, the entire dance floor was filled with guests doing cha cha, rock and roll and later ballroom dancing. Today, this lovely couple has been blessed with 2 lovely kiddos.

Pros and Cons Of Condo-Living

I had never liked the idea of living in a condominium until we moved in to our unit 2.5 years ago. My point of view of condo-living changed totally when I discovered how convenient it is to live in a condo. I enjoy the facilities at our condo very much, especially the gym and I feel very safe knowing that the security is very tight. We do not have to worry anymore each time it rains cats and dogs for we have sheltered car parks and most of all, we do not have to worry that our house will be swept away by a flood if it pours continuously. Everything that was on the ground floor of our double storey house was ruined in a great flood that came unexpectedly in March 2006. It was this disaster that prompted us to sell that house and move into a condo.

Condo-living has its downsides too. One of it is that if water leaks down to the unit directly below your unit, you are accountable for it, whether or not the leakage is directly caused by you or a fault of the condo maintenance. As long as the leakage is found to be from your unit, you have to bear all the costs related to the repair works. The contractor who did the renovation works of our unit did a shoddy job with the water-proofing of the bathroom floor. The owner of the unit directly below ours had complaint umpteen times that water was found leaking from their ceiling, which came from our bathroom. We had asked the same contractor to fix the problem and the cost of repair works for both our bathroom and the ceiling of the unit below was on us, all on us, which cost over two thousand bucks! This happened not once but numerous times, all at our expense. We were just unlucky that we hired this contractor who did a sloppy job. Next time, we better find a more meticulous contractor, like the Indianapolis Contractor so that we don't have to loose anymore money through their negligence.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Food Foundry @ PJ Section 17 (Happy Mansion)

Ever since the hubs tasted the chocolate cake and Mille Vanila Crepe Cake at Food Foundry, it seems like his taste bud for sweet cakes has been stimulated. He has been craving to eat chocolate cakes all the time and his craving is even worse than mine when I was preggers. Oh for your info, I did not have much cravings during all 3 of my pregnancies, thus my weight gain of only 10kg for all 3 pregnancies +_+

After days of craving for chocolate cakes from Food Foundry, we finally made a trip to this little diner after church last Sunday.

And here's what we had:

Chicken Cordon Bleu

Nasi lemak set...

Fish and chips...

Vanilla Mille Crepe which is one of the signature cakes at Food Foundry.

Mille means ‘1000′ in French, so this very popular cake translates to 1000 layers of crepe. The crepes are layered on top of each other till they form a cake, and I heard that it is one of the only places in Malaysia that serves this unique cake.

Hubby's favorite chocolate cakes. The one at the bottom is peanut butter chocolate cake. I find it too thick and creamy for my liking. If anyone were to chomp down these 2 slices of rich, decadent cakes, she / he will need to exercise an EXTRA 15 minutes a day for 1 whole week to burn off the approximate 700+ calories gained in just 5 minutes! See how easy fat enters our body but always too hard to exit!

My cake-crazed hubs even took away a slice of tiramisu but as usual, the cake ended up in the fridge and I had to reluctantly finish it off with my girls. Don't get me wrong, I love cakes to bits but knowing how fattening these morsels are and how hard I have to work out later, I rather not step into a bakery so that I will not succumb to the temptation. I suspect my hubs gains satisfaction just from buying cakes!

From the facade, Food Foundry looks like a regular cafe but the food is delish. It is located in the heart of Section 17's Happy Mansion, a residential flats area. It describes itself as "Your Neighborhood Food Provider".

Add: Food Foundry, BG-8, Happy Mansion, Jalan 17/13, PJ
Tel: +603 7955 3885
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 10.30 am - 9 pm & Sat-Sun 9 am - 11pm