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Friday, March 4, 2011

A Fairy Tale Wedding

One of the best weddings I had ever attended was that of my good friend’s held 5 years ago. It was indeed a wedding made in heaven and everything about the wedding was so detailed, well planned and organized. It was held at a lake-side of a well known holiday resort here. First was the speech by the wedding DJ who was as good as the Biloxi Wedding DJ followed by the wedding vows and ring exchange ceremony by the lake-side. Then everyone adjourned to the banquet hall for a sumptuous feast of Chinese cuisine. We were all entertained by the witty wedding DJ who made us all laugh with his amusing speech and tongue in cheek remarks about the bride and groom. There was also the usual champagne pouring, cake cutting and tossing on the stage.

When the wedding reception was about to end, the groom went up stage to sing their love song solo, then invited his lovely bride to dance. After their romantic dance, the couple invited other guests to dance and before we knew it, the entire dance floor was filled with guests doing cha cha, rock and roll and later ballroom dancing. Today, this lovely couple has been blessed with 2 lovely kiddos.
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