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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Hilarious Fall Of Sherilyn's 2nd Tooth

Remember my earlier post on the hilarious fall of Sherilyn's first tooth? About 1.5 weeks later, her 2nd shaky bottom tooth dropped and I tell yer, it was equally hilarious.

That night, Sherilyn had fallen asleep on the couch. When I dragged her to the bathroom to shower her, she was whining and sulking away. When I brushed her teeth, she whined even more and was throwing a huge tantrum... which made my temper hit the roof. After brushing her teeth, she turned to me abruptly and said this "mummy, what happened to my tooth???"... and opened her mouth wide. When I looked at her mouth, I burst out laughing as the shaky tooth at the bottom was gone!!! I told her that her tooth had dropped and she exploded... bawling away like a baby. She blamed me for brushing her teeth too hard to the point of 'loosing' her tooth. I then searched everywhere on the bathroom floor for her tooth. Damn it that the color of her tooth and the bathroom floor was almost the same, making it hard for us to find her tooth. What more with all the suds on the floor, we could barely find the tooth. I asked her if she had swallowed the tooth and she said NO and bawled even louder... and blamed me to no end.

After a 5-minute search, I finally found her tooth at one corner of the bathroom LOL!! My cry baby was really angry and crabby as I had woken her up from her sleep and dragged her to the bathroom to shower and caused her tooth to drop. After she had calmed down, I told her that she should be happy that the tooth had finally dropped as she had been complaining that the loose tooth was hurting her gum. Now, there's no more pain and she can eat comfortably again.

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