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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Morning Routine

This is Baby's morning routine. She drinks 3/4 cup of fresh milk with a teaspooon of chocolate flavored Dutch Lady 123 milk powder for a tinge of chocolaty flavor to her milk. On some mornings, she sits in front of the TV while she eats her breakfast. Her breakfast is as heavy as mine. In fact she eats more than me! Here's what her breakfast normally consists of : fruits on an empty stomach, 3/4 cup of fresh milk half an hour later, a hard boiled egg, bread and biscuits. When my mil eats her breakfast later, Baby joins her and pecks on her food. This rascal can really eat and eat and I think she really has a stomach made of rubber!

Here she's watching her favorite Go Go's cartoon. Go Go's series of educational DVDs teaches toddlers and kids English and Baby loves Go Go's. She can memorize most of the songs and all the scenes in her GoGo's DVDs.
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