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Monday, March 14, 2011

Our Quiet Sunday

It was a pretty quiet Sunday for us. We were supposed to go to church but Sherilyn had fever on Saturday, which did not subside on Sunday. Hubby who is always paranoid whenever the gals have fever insisted to bring Sherilyn to the doctor but I said no. I always prefer to give their body a chance to heal naturally and not shoot straight to get antibiotics, which will only impair the body's immune system. True enough after just 1 dose of PCM, lots of barley water, coconut water, plain water, fruits, rest and sleep and showering her body each time the temperature shot up to above 38 degrees Celsius, the fever subsided last night.... without the need for antibiotics or costly doctor's fees.

While Sherilyn lay on the couch the whole day, I spent the whole day packing my customers' orders into courier bags for them to be posted out today.

Garment factory from home...

Kids clothes, kids accessories and ladies clothes for over 50 customers... you can check out my online store too :D

And Alycia spent the whole day with her koo poh who brought her along to her office and then for lunch, just the both of them. Later that night, my mil brought Alycia out for Thai food with my sil who just arrived from China.

How did you spend your Sunday?
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