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Friday, March 4, 2011

Pros and Cons Of Condo-Living

I had never liked the idea of living in a condominium until we moved in to our unit 2.5 years ago. My point of view of condo-living changed totally when I discovered how convenient it is to live in a condo. I enjoy the facilities at our condo very much, especially the gym and I feel very safe knowing that the security is very tight. We do not have to worry anymore each time it rains cats and dogs for we have sheltered car parks and most of all, we do not have to worry that our house will be swept away by a flood if it pours continuously. Everything that was on the ground floor of our double storey house was ruined in a great flood that came unexpectedly in March 2006. It was this disaster that prompted us to sell that house and move into a condo.

Condo-living has its downsides too. One of it is that if water leaks down to the unit directly below your unit, you are accountable for it, whether or not the leakage is directly caused by you or a fault of the condo maintenance. As long as the leakage is found to be from your unit, you have to bear all the costs related to the repair works. The contractor who did the renovation works of our unit did a shoddy job with the water-proofing of the bathroom floor. The owner of the unit directly below ours had complaint umpteen times that water was found leaking from their ceiling, which came from our bathroom. We had asked the same contractor to fix the problem and the cost of repair works for both our bathroom and the ceiling of the unit below was on us, all on us, which cost over two thousand bucks! This happened not once but numerous times, all at our expense. We were just unlucky that we hired this contractor who did a sloppy job. Next time, we better find a more meticulous contractor, like the Indianapolis Contractor so that we don't have to loose anymore money through their negligence.
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