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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Simple And Delish Homecooked Dishes

My mil is a great cook. She can mix and match and whip up a delish dish with whatever ingredients that she can find in the fridge. Every time there are leftover uncooked meat and veggie in the fridge, she can whip up something different that tastes good.

Here's a peek into what we normally have for dinner every night:

Fried fish or steamed fish. I can never go wrong with fried fish for that's my kids' favorite, mine too.

Pan fried Japanese tofu with fresh mushrooms...

Stir fried long beans with brinjal and preserved olives. The salty preserved olives are very flavorful and go well with veggie dishes and meat dishes.

My mil will leave us for a few months again very soon, this time to HK and NZ. Though I dread the thought of having to cook lunch and dinner everyday, there's no way I will get catered homecooked food again after our previous bad experience. My kids and I don't mind having fried eggs, omelette, fried fish and steam chicken in our menu every week. We rather have these simple dishes than having salty and oily catered food with burnt wok residue as toppings on the dishes everyday!
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