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Monday, March 28, 2011

Things She Says

Just want to record this conversation between Baby and me today. Baby, when you read this a few years down the road, you will have a good laugh at yourself.

Me - Baby, tomorrow is mummy's birthday. What are you going to give me?

Baby - I have no money....

Me - I know. But you can give me something that does not need money to buy. What will you give me?

Baby - I will give you a pink goggles (and pointing to the pink goggles hanging in our bathroom).

Me - I don't want a goggles. I don't need one. Give me something else.

Baby - Errrrr, I will give you money from my piggy bank!

Me - How much money will you give?

Baby - MANY!!

Me - Can you give me ALL the money in your piggy bank?

Baby - NO!!! I will give you 2 (and showing me 2 fingers)

My Baby, she's getting more and more vocal each day and she's a willful cili padi too. Try to criticize her and she will put up a defiant and defensive front saying "Who says??? NO I am not. You only, not me!!"... and she will defend herself until the end. I am quite confident she won't get bullied in future.
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