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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Electronic Gadgets Era Kids

During my time as a tween and teenager, my brothers, friends and I, we used to run on the road outside our house.... to play 'Eager Catching Chickens', hop scotch, fly kites and to play marbles. We would also look forward to catch tadpoles in the drains after a downpour, cycled within 5km radius away from our house to the nearby river to enjoy the scenery, plucked flowers as we cycled, climbed trees, played real masak-masak by frying dried leaves and twigs with fire and anything that we could think of that was outdoor. It was pretty safe then and my mum did not have to worry about us being kidnapped or being ran down by vehicles. I really really do miss those younger days of mine and wished that my girls could enjoy such care-free and happy childhood with their friends. But it's an entire different picture now with kids these days. My kids never have the opportunity to do the activities that I did when I was their age. Instead, they are very attached to electronic gadgets like the TV, laptop, iPad, iPod,iPhone and Nintendo.

Baby playing with her Nintendo and is very adept with it too...

Most kids that I see these days have their hands and eyes glued to an electronic device, including mine! I think it's mainly because it's safer to be at home than on the road or outside their homes. If you are unlucky, you will be seriously injured by an acid splasher! Yeah, acid splashers are lurking everywhere now and it's scary to walk alone on the street.

I'll bet your kids are the same, aren't they? Let me know.
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