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Friday, June 10, 2011

Lunch At Delicious, Bangsar Village

One of my girls' favorite places for lunch is Delicious. As the moniker says it, the food there is simply delicious! Though pretty costly, the Delicious outlet at Bangsar Village and Mid Valley are perpetually packed with patrons. Delicious serves both Western food and local delights.

We were at Delicious @ Bangsar Village again on Sunday...

Try their mushroom soup. It's thick, creamy and full of blended fresh mushrooms. Goes well with warm bread and butter. We ordered 3 plates of spaghetti cooked in 3 different styles, specially for the girls who are fans of the Italian noodles. But not me. I try to steer away from noodles and spaghetti made of flour and reserve my carbs entitlement for the day for cakes and pastries ^^

Roast chicken with pesto sauce is a must-try too. Pretty healthy and of course delish!

My meal at Delicious will never be complete if I don't get to eat my flour-free orange-almond cake, which is simply delish without much guilt. Hubs ordered an apple pie too but apple pies are never my favorite so I gave that a pass too.
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