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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Anchovies Soup With Pumpkin, Pork and Fish

Here's another favorite of my girls:

Noodles with fish balls and anchovies soup.

The pot of soup is made with anchovies, yellow fish (this fish is normally used to prepare soup), minced garlic, a few slices of ginger, pork slices and pumpkin wedges. Wholesome and tasty eh?

The only stuff that ain't too healthy are the tofu fish cakes and meatballs. They are very tasty but contain MSG. My kids just love these and also those white as powder fish balls. These fish balls are very tasty and salty and most kids love them. They contain other food additives like boric acid or perhaps whitening agent to make the fish balls so white and bouncy. I only allow my kids to eat them once a week.

Do you allow your kids to eat processed fish balls and fish cakes with food additives? It's hard to escape as even pre-schools serve them as snacks during break time.
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