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Monday, July 4, 2011

Angry Because Of No Angry Bird

Alycia is a tad under the weather today. She's having the exact same symptoms as her 2 sisters -- high fever, slight sore throat and slight runny nose. Both Sherilyn and Baby had fever one after another last week. Just like Sherilyn and Baby, Alycia is still very active and has not lost her appetite. Only her body feels warm and the nagging high temp that only finally subsided a few hours ago. So she skipped school today - the first time this year.

While having lunch today, Alycia was a tad manja, just like any other kid who ain't feeling well. She told me to feed her the porridge that she was eating. I told her that she ain't a baby anymore, to which she replied that she saw from one of the TV programs that a 11-year old girl was fed by her mummy when she had fever *chortle*!! Oh ok, I got the hint. My poor sick kitty wanted to manja her mummy. So I fed her and she gladly swallowed all the porridge that was in her bowl. Next was the soup. She asked me to feed her the soup. As I had something urgent to rush for my customer, I asked her to drink the soup on her own. But she whined and sulked for a good half hour. Finally, she asked me for the same thing that she had asked me this morning, which I had said NO to her. The silly Angry Bird plush toy that she saw from my supplier's website! Uh-huh, this girl was whining not because she was not feeling well. She was sulking because I had refused to get her the silly red Angry Bird plush toy. At 7.5YO, she's pretty matured in her thoughts but at times, she can behave like a 2-year old child. So did I get her the silly ugly Angry Bird plush toy that kids are so crazy over lately? What do you think? The Angry Birds can be obtained here (my online store) :)

The 2 best friends....
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