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Sunday, July 10, 2011

French Toast For Lunch

Last week, hubs bought 2 loafs of walnut wholemeal bread. My man can be very extreme when he buys food and other stuff. Fearing that his woman and angels would not have enough to eat, he normally buys food that's more than what we can eat for lunch and dinner and again for lunch and dinner the next day! So I normally deep freeze the food while they are still fresh. The same goes with bread. I will deep freeze the bread on day 1 and keep a few slices for consumption for the next day.

Anyway, coming back to the 2 loafs of bread that he bought last week. Since there were so much bread, I made the girls French Toast for lunch.

I mixed some salt and Maple Syrup to the egg mixture before dipping the slices of bread into it. Then pan fried the egg-coated bread slices with pure butter on a non-stick skillet with lines, thus my French Toasts have lines on them. My girls were surprised to see French Toast on the table for lunch as I hardly serve them this for lunch. And they enjoyed their French Toast for lunch very much. Sherilyn ate it with strawberry yoghurt, Baby liked it with Maple Syrup and Alycia ate her French Toast with a scoop of Haegan Dazs ice cream! The next day, we had bread for lunch again - sardine sandwiches... to finish off all the bread that's sitting on our kitchen top! But there were no complaints from my girls and I told them that if they like bread, they can have bread for lunch everyday! Easy peasy job for mummy hah!

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