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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

One Two Juice!

Baby follows me into the bathroom almost everyday. I don't trust her to be alone outside with my helper when there is no one else in the house. While I was seated on the throne, Baby came to me and requested that I played "Catch My Hands", a game that we normally play when I am on the throne haha! Then I decided to teach her how to play "One Two Juice", a 2-person game that uses your hand to make pretend 'bird', 'water', 'stone' and see who wins. I used to play this hand game with my brothers and friends when I was a kid. Till today, I still play this with my hubby, to see who has to close the door of the bedroom or switch off the TV LOL!! Within 5 minutes of teaching her this game, Baby grasped the game and was enjoying the game with me.

Just now during dinner, she proudly taught kakak how to play "one two juice" with her. She even played it with her favorite Alycia che che and could even point out the mistakes that her che che made.

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