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Friday, July 15, 2011

Tesco brand food stuff

I am all for buying store-brand products as they are way cheaper than more popular old brands. I love sanitary items from Tesco and Guardian, antiseptic liquid from Guardian, Tesco brand diapers, Tesco brand wet wipes and baby oil and a wide range of Tesco brand food products. Though the price is a fraction of other 'branded' food stuff, the quality is not compromised. Many of the Tesco brand food items are made in overseas countries, like mayo which is made in Belgium, digestive biscuits made in England, among others. As long as the product is not made in China, Taiwan and Japan, I am fine. I really do like Tesco brand food stuff a lot.

Tesco brand mayo - made with free range eggs and made in Belgium. It costs a few Ringgit cheaper than other brands. Taste wise - it's good.

Tesco brand tuna fish. This cost almost a Ringgit cheaper than other brands like Ayam Brand.

I hope some senior Management staff from Tesco reads this post and reward me with a free shopping spree at Tesco :D
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