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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Finally She Did It!

This is something which I must pen down. It is Baby's achievement at 3.5 years old. Nope, it is nothing academic but it is something that we can be very proud of. It is a big achievement for her and for me for she can now poo poo in the great big white throne and no longer in her diaper! Super hooray for my baby girl! For years, she has been shunning the potty (both the small and big potty) and I was frigging worried how she will fare when she goes to pre-school next year. She would surely be the laughing stock of her classmates and teachers if she still poo pooed in her diaper. But thank God, my worries are unfounded. My baby girl has now conditioned and programed her body to poo poo at the same time everyday on the great big throne, just like an adult. She can now say good-bye to her chronic constipation problem too. My prayer to God to strengthen Baby's bladder continues...

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