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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Frozen Konnyaku Jellies

The other day, I made a batch of Konnyaku jellies with fresh fruits. I made them when Alycia and Sherilyn were having their Mandarin enrichment class and Baby was sleeping. I wanted them to have jellies when their lesson was over. So I put the jellies in the freezer so that they can coagulate and chill up quickly. But I had forgotten all about them, until the next afternoon! After thawing the frozen jellies for about half an hour, we ate them and yes, they tasted delish, like fruit sorbet with jelly. Hmmm, I think the next round I will freeze some jellies too. Frozen jellies are kinder to the waist line too and healthier than ice creams :D

Frozen Konnyaku fruit jellies... I'll bet no one has tried this before!
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