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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ranting.... And A Wholesome Bento Lunch Set

This week has been another mega busy week for me. I keep telling myself that I have to slow down on my online store business but the workaholic in me just can't help it. Alycia and Sherilyn will be sitting for their final exam in 2 weeks and I have started to give them exercises, especially in Math and BM (for Alycia). Alycia is pretty good in most of her subjects as she pays attention when the teacher teaches her. While this girl will do what I ask her to do, she can be pretty lazy and needs lots of pushing to do the worksheets that I give her everyday.

As for Sherilyn, each Math session with her can drive me suicidal, I kid you not and I mean it. I always tell her that she has left her brain somewhere and she has to find it and put it back into her head... coz she never listens to what I say, always jumps the gun and never remembers what I tell her. People like her needs lots and I mean LOTS of Math practices everyday. It's not easy on me as I have to work and she needs me to be next to her to keep reminding her what and how to do her Math (step by step, all over again and again!!), though I had taught her the same thing over and over again for more than a year!

I think you can pretty imagine how stressed up I am. Imagine there is stock at every corner of my home waiting to be checked and sent out. Imagine Alycia and Sherilyn keep asking me how to do this and that. Imagine Baby climbing all over me. All these plus cooking, computer work and my daily morning exercise regimen. At the end of the day, I am drop dead tired, like a buffalo who had slogged all day under the hot sun in the paddy field.

Enough of ranting, this is what I whipped up for the girls today. Something that's easy to prepare, fast and wholesome.

A bento set of
1) Tuna and egg mayo open sandwich with nori sheets and sliced cool organic Japanese cucumbers

2) Purple carrot and cranberry juice

3) Homemade jellies with fresh cut fruits inside the jellies

4) Organic papaya

5) Steamed tapioca, which is Alycia's favorite.

Healthy mou?
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