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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Cute Things She Says

During shower time just now...

Baby - when I grow up I will buy you many things and sayang you. I will go to the market to buy you lots of food. I will spend a lot of money on a big bungalow for you too.

Me - what will you buy me from the market?

Baby - yummy mushrooms, fish, 'char siew', hanger, panties, (and then named out a long list of things that she will buy for me in future.... when I am OLD, LOL!!)

Baby - and I will buy maggie mee for daddy because he likes maggie mee. But I won't put a lot of salt for him when I cook. I will put LITTLE bit of salt on his maggie mee and some vegetables, just LITTLE bit salt only.

Me - will you take care of me when I am old?

Baby - yes. I will also take care of che che, er che (sister no. 2), koong koong, granny and everyone. I love everybody.

My sweetie pie at 3 years 8 months.
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